Board of Directors 

Bevon Bovell, President

George McDonough, Vice President

Gene Cavielere, Treasurer

Christine Monroe, Secretary

Jennifer Gladding, member 

Brandy Bates, member 

Rebecca Almedia, member

David Kane, member

Executive Team 

Lisa Conlan Lewis, Executive Director,

Brenda Alejo, Child Family Program Director,

Michael Fry, Peer Recovery Program Director,

Liz Anna Darling, Clinical Director, LMHC, CAGS, LCDP,

Rowan Fortune, Executive Assistant,

Esther Picon, Administrative Manager,

Viviana Oliver, Marketing & Communications Manager,

Child & Family Program 

Melissa Esposito, PCA-RI Prevention Director,

Kyle Delaney, RI Fatherhood Coordinator/Parent Partner/CPRS,

Flavia Tereault, Parent Partner Supervisor,

Laurie Ortiz, Bilingual Parent Partner Supervisor,

Nancy Madden, Parent Partner,

Danielle Cyprien, Parent Partner/Statewide Youth Coordinator,

David Colon, Parent Partner,

Renee Gomes, Parent Partner,

Melody Sorea, Behavioral Health Education Specialist,

Naiommy Baret, Bilingual Behavioral Health Education Specialist,

Filomena Rush, Visitation Specialist,

Monica Brown, Visitation Specialist,

Peer Recovery Program  

Lori Kosicki, Hope Recovery Community Center - Newport Onsite Director, CPRS Supervisor,

Sarah Edwards, Statewide Outreach Manager, CPRS,

Amanda Roy, Peers 4 Recovery Workforce Development Researcher,

Pamela Fields, Certified Peer Recovery Specialist/Workforce Development Coordinator,

Kaila Coutis, Certified Peer Recovery Specialist/Workforce Development Coordinator,

Ian Griffin, Certified Peer Recovery Specialist,

Robert Reynolds, Peer Recovery Specialist,

Donna Sennett, Certified Peer Recovery Specialist,

James Medeiros, Peer Recovery Specialist,

Katie Gonzalez, Certified Peer Recovery Specialist,

Sean Warren, Certified Peer Recovery Specialist/Parent Partner,

Peer Recovery Interns & Apprentices

535 Centerville Road, Suite 202
Warwick, RI  02886 

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Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday 9am–5pm
Nights and weekends by appointment

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