Educational Advocacy Tips for Parents - 2 hour certificate workhop


This workshop provides parents with an overview of their basic rights in special education and helpful tips when advocating for your child at school meetings.  All participants receive a helpful resource binder.   


Social Emotional Learning for Parents 2 hour certificate workshop 



What is Social Emotional Learning (SEL)?  SEL is the process by which adults and children learn how to self-regulate, manage emotions, build positive relationships with others and develop important life skills.  SEL is key to children becoming happy, healthy and responsible grown -ups.


Come learn strategies to:

• Reduce your stress as a parent

• Calm yourself and your child

• Provide support in your busy family life

• Make a special “Glitter Jar” to bring home



Parent Workshops  


PSN offers ongoing workshops and we are available to bring one of our workshops to your group and community!  



Children's Mental Health 101  - 2 hour certificate workshop 


Come learn how to identify and learn how to understand your child's behaviors in relationship to mental health challenges. Learn when and where to seek mental health services and supports and learn tips and strategies for managing your child's behaviors and mental health at home, school, and in the community.


Parenting Wisely  - 6 hour certificate workshop 


Parenting Wisely is an evidence based parenting education program developed by Family Works Inc. The program is for parents of children

(3–11) or teens. Through multiple sessions parents will learn by watching and discussing video scenarios that will help to teach postive parenting strategies. Parent Support Network will provide certificates of completion and court letters.


PSN Peer Specialist Training - 12 hour certificate workshop 


Parent leaders will be introduced to the role of the peeer mentor for parents who have been through similar experiences raising children and youth with serious emotional, behavioral health challenges while caring for their own well-being and recovery. Learning objectives will incude ethics; advocacy;  mentorship;  navigating services; and ongoing skill development, wellness, and recovery strategies.


Agents of Transformation (AOT) Parent Advocacy Training 12 hour certificate workshop 


The Agents of Transformation (AOT) parent advocacy training will strengthening parent leadership and advocacy skills for meeting your own child and family; introduces system of care and recovery principles and pratice approaches; ensuring access to quality services and supports; building peer support and community strategies; partner in policy and system reform efforts across health, behavioral health, education, child welfare, juvenile justice, and social services; and advocating for postive health equity outcomes.