Policy & Advocacy

It is critical that we increase the voice and advocacy of individuals with lived experience in local and state policy and practice and how these policies and service delivery approaches are impacting the health and wellbeing of children, youth, families, and all individuals in Rhode Island.  Parent Support Network is committed to raising awareness, providing information, ongoing training to support knowledge development of state policy and practice and leadership skills to promote system change.  We are committed to working in partnership with local and state policy boards and coalitions. 

Statewide Advisory Boards 

PSN has Statewide Advisory Boards that are committed to working on state and local policy and practice advocacy priorities.  These boards are based on key priorities such as the RI Fatherhood Steering Commitee, Certified Peer Recovery Specialist Workforce, and the  Hope Recovery Community Center of Newport County. Email to learn more how to get involved with these boards. 

State Advocacy Alerts 

Sign up HERE to receive our state advocacy alerts. Our Voice is critical to the state budgetary, legislative and regulatory process. PSN provides updates and links to websites in an effort help keep everyone informed. Rhode Island is going through state leadership and budgetary changes that are definitely having an impact on services and it is important to work in partnership with state and community leadership to build a better future. 

Learn more about the Governor's FY 2020 Budget at Governor's Budget Page 

Visit the RI General Assembly website to connect with your legislators and learn about proposed bills and hearings. 

The Rhode Island Governor's Council on Behavioral Health is the mental health planning council. It reviews and evaluates mental health needs and problems in Rhode Island. It stimulates and monitors the development, coordination, and integration of statewide mental health services. The Council serves in an advisory capacity to the Governor.

The RI Children's Cabinet meetings  represent state agencies working together to change state policy and practice for children and their families. 

The State Innovation Model is working on a state Medicaid redesign grant focused on health care reform across all ages State Innovation Model (SIMS) Initiative informatio

The Governor's Overdose Prevention Task Force  is focused on the prevention and treatment opioid addiction and promoting the prevention of overdose. and if you are a family member that has experienced having a loved one with active addiction or has lost one to overdose please contact us to get involved. 

The Care Transformation Collaborative  is leading the transformation of primary care in Rhode Island in the context of an integrated health care system; and to improve the quality of care, the patient experience of care, the affordability of care, and the health of the populations served. There are two committees for patient centered medical health one for Kids and one for adults. 

The Rhode Island Coalition for Children and Families is committed to promoting the safety, health and success of children and youth from infancy to adulthood. To accomplish this RICCF advocates for a comprehensive and effective network of social, emotional, health, educational, and economic supports and services for Rhode Island's children, youth and families.

The Substance Use Mental Health Leadership Council  promotes a collaborative, coordinated system of high quality, comprehensive community-based mental health and substance abuse prevention and treatment services.

Learn about up to date legislative  information related to chidren, youth, and families on RI Kids Count website.

Learn about up to date legislative information related to improving the economic well-being of low- and modest-income Rhode Islanders on the Economic Progress Institute website.